Financial Mechanisms
Financial Mechanisms
In April 2014, Croatia has become a member of the European Economic Area as the 16th EU Member State which was given the opportunity to benefit from two financial mechanisms: The Norwegian Financial Mechanism and the Financial Mechanism of the European Economic Ares (later referred to as: Financial Mechanisms).
 The Financial Mechanisms contribute to reducing social and economic disparities within the EEA whilst strengthening the bilateral cooperation between the Donor States (Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway) and the Beneficiary States. For the 2009-2014 period, the Donor States have set aside 1.8 billion euro ; 993 million euro for the EEA Financial Mechanism (Norway provides 95.8%, Iceland 3.0% and Liechtenstein 1.2%) and 804,6 million euro for the Norwegian Financial Mechanism (Norway 100%).
Within the EEA Financial Mechanism, funding is available for the following priority areas: environmental protection, climate change and renewable energy, civil society, human and social development, justice and internal affairs, preserving cultural heritage.
Within the Norwegian Financial Mechanism, funding is available to the following priority areas: carbon capture and storage, green industry innovation, decent work and tripartite dialogue, research and scholarships, human and social development, justice and internal affairs.