TThe iNavis Project was funded with the funds available through the EEA grant allocation. Project promotor was City of Šibenik.

  • To set up a national resource center for energy, environmental, marine and maritime research and business innovation in Šibenik
  • Strengthening bilateral relations in research, education, and techonoly transfer and business cooperation between the Republic of Croatia and Norway
Project iNavis had a precondition in a form of a Feasibility study that had to prove institutional, technical and financial feasibility and to prove that project is economically justified. The feasibility study failed to prove sustainability of the planned results as it identified significant financial risk, which is the potential inability of the Project Promoter to secure the necessary financial support to maintain iNavis operation after the end of the financial eligibility. Project was cancelled, however, donor’s additional grant of EUR 100.000 enabled the City of Šibenik to further develop project application. 
Total Value2,290,000 EUR

Duration of the Project: 7.2014-4.2017