Integrated School in Vukovar
Integrated School in Vukovar
The Project of Integrated School in Vukovar was funded through EEA grants. Project Promotor was Ministry of Science, Education and Sports. 

  • Construction of integrated school in Vukovar
  • Social recovery of the post conflict and multi-ethnic communities and reaching a higher level of understanding, respect and cooperation between minority groups and the majority.
This project contributed to reducing national inequalities and to promote social inclusion in this region.
The appointed working group consisting of the representatives from relevant institutions, project partners, representatives of national minorities created an intercultural curriculum for preschool and primary school. Furthermore, through the project the school building was refurbished and therefore, all needed preconditions for the Integrated School in Vukovar have been achieved.

Total Value: 2.204.608,00 EUR

Partners: Nansen Dialogue Centre