Strenghtening of the Judicial System
Strenghtening of the Judicial System
The Project of Improving the quality and efficiency of the judicial system is funded through Norway grants. It is implemented by the Ministry of Justice.
  • Renovation of the courthouse building in Karlovac
  • Improvement of the way cases are handled by the judicial system by applying tried and tested methodologies developed by the Council of Europe
  • Achievement of more just and efficient judicial system.
 The project is implemented through two sub-projects:
  • Activities of cooperation with the Council of Europe on strengthening the efficiency and professionalism of Croatian judicial system. Following an assessment of the compliance of the judicial processes with European standards, time management and other strategies will be piloted at Karlovac before being introduced countrywide
  • Activities related to the reconstruction and renowation of the courthouse offices in Karlovac. 
Total Value:   5.382.925,05 EUR

Duration of the Project: 2014-4. 2017

Partners: Council of Europe

More information about the Project: