Justice and Home Affairs

The objective of Justice and Home Affairs programme is to strengthen rule of Law. Programme includes measures to strengthen the probation system and to improve the evaluation system for judges and the mediation system. The programme shall include measures on training of judicial officials and other judicial personnel. The program also includes a predefined reconstruction project of the Municipal Court in Split.

Programme includes following programme areas:

  • Effectiveness and Efficiency of the Judicial System
  • Strengthening Rule of Law
  • Correctional Services and Pre-trial Detention

The Justice and Home Affairs programme is financed by Norwegian Financial Mechanism with the amount of EUR 13 million. Republic of Croatia co-finances the programme in the amount of EUR 2.3 million.

Programme Operator is the Ministry of Justice, the Donor programme partner is Norwegian Court Administration (DA) and International Partner Organisation is Council of Europe.

More information about the programme please find here

SUPPORT BY SECTORS 2014 – 2021  (mil. eur.)

Justice and Home Affairs

(15,3 mil. eur. total)


0%0 mil. eur.


85%13 mil. eur.

National contribution

15%2,3 mil. eur.