Justice and Home Affairs

The objective of Justice and Home Affairs programme is to strengthen rule of Law. The programme will contribute to the efficiency of the work of courts and will provide additional training for judicial officials and other judicial personnel.

The programme is implemented through four predefined projects. The most significant part of the funds (65.06%) is intended for reconstruction of the Municipal Court in Split and the promotion of e-services in order to increase efficiency of the judiciary and quality of judicial decision-making process.

The Programme also includes the measures for enhancing the bilateral relations. For this purpose amount of 125.000 EUR from the Fund for Bilateral relations is allocated to the Programme.


More information about the Programme please find on Programme official web site.


Within the Programme, there are no planned open calls for proposals.

SUPPORT BY PRIORITY SECTORS 2014 – 2021 (mil. eur.)

Justice and Home Affairs

(15,3 mil. eur. total)

0%0 mil. eur.
85%13 mil. eur.
National contribution
15%2,3 mil. eur.


  • Renovation of the building of the Municipal Court in Split and promotion of e-services. The total value of project is EUR 9.950.000
  • Revision of the methodology for evaluating the work of judges. The total value of project is EUR 400.000
  • Improvement of the court conciliation system. The total value of project is EUR 1.500.000.
  • Strengthening the protection of human rights and public safety through the improvement of the capacity of the Probation Service. The total value of project is EUR 2.100.000.

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