Local Development And Poverty Reduction

The main objective of the programme “Local Development and Poverty Reduction”, hereinafter – LDPR, is strengthening of economic and social cohesion in the Republic of Croatia, which is also one of the key objectives of EEA Financial Mechanism and Norwegian Financial Mechanism.

Efficient education system represents the basis of the social and the economic development of a particular country, so the purpose of the programme LDPR is to strengthen primary education in the following areas: STEM, ICT, entrepreneurship and active citizenship.

Through the LDPR programme projects will be funded projects with an emphasis on strengthening competencies of teachers and other professionals in primary education, strengthening support to equal opportunities of education of children in primary shools,  the adoption of competencies for easier employment in the future, including measures in the following areas:

  • natural sciences (chemistry, physics, nature and society, biology, geography, technical culture) and mathematics
  • information and communication technology in education
  • inclusive education
  • entrepreneurship, skills development and better employment opportunities
  • active citizenship.

Special attention will be given to less developed areas in the Republic of Croatia, as well as the inclusion of pupils from vulnerable groups and gifted children in projects.

Within the programme LDPR, four outcomes are envisaged. In order to achieve outcome 1     “Improved skills and competencies of teachers and other professionals in primary education”, projects will be financed through a small grant scheme. For outcome 2 “Enhanced STEM skills” open call for project proposals will be launched. The objectives related to the enhanced tools for creating equal opportunities in education for pupils with disabilities and enhanced strategic planning at regional and local level in Croatia will be realized through implementation of predefined projects.

SUPPORT BY PRIORITY SECTORS 2014 – 2021 (mil. eur.)

Local Development And Poverty Reduction

(Total: 30,6 mil. eur)

EGP mechanism
82%25 mil. eur.
3%1 mil. eur.
National contribution
15%4,6 mil. eur.

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